Astro Package

To experience Astro B.yond HD, you will require a brand new set-up, which consists of the following:

* 1 Astro B.yond HD Box
* 1 Astro B.yond HD Dish
* 1 new Smartcard
* 1 new Remote Control
* 1 HDMI Cable

Family Package

Channel Name Description
101 TV1 Public terrestrial channel mainly on news and information
102 TV2 Public terrestrial channel mainly on family entertainment
103 TV3 [N 3] Commercial terrestrial channel (not available in Brunei Darussalam)
104 Astro Ria [N 4] In-house Malay content channel
105 Astro Prima [N 4] In-house Asian drama channel
106 Astro Oasis [N 4] In-house Islamic religious and lifestyle channel
107 NTV7 Commercial terrestrial channel (not available in Brunei Darussalam)
108 Zee TV [N 3] Hindi entertainment channel
109 Astro @15 In-house music video, games and interactive channel
111 Arab Radio & TV Variety (ART) Arabic content channel
119 TV9 [N 3] Commercial terrestrial channel (not available in Brunei Darussalam)
130 iMUS Information on the Mustika package
180 RTM TVi RTM's RTM Channel Dedicated to Sabah And Sarawak
201 Astro Vaanavil [N 4] In-house One stop Indian content control channel with selected programmes from Surya TV, Gemini TV, Jaya TV, Raj TV, Kalaingar TV, Mega TV and local in-house Tamil productions
202 Astro Vellithirai In-house Tamil and dubbed into Tamil movie channel with repeated programmes from TBO
203 Makkal TV Tamilians cultural channel.
301 Astro AEC In-house Chinese content channel
302 iVIEW Preview of Astro Channel info and Astro On Demand drama series
304 Jia Yu Channel [N 3] Cantonese and Mandarin content channel
305 TVB Classic [N 2] Classical Cantonese drama channel
325 Astro Xiao Tai Yang In-house Mandarin children's channel
334 CCTV-4 [N 2] CCTV international channel in Chinese
391 KBS World [N 2] Korean content channel
393 SET ONE HD Korean content channel in HD
501 Astro Awani In-house Malay news channel
502 Bernama TV Malaysian news channel offered in four languages
509 CCTV News [N 3] CCTV international channel in English
550 Nat Geo Wild [N 3] Wild geographic channel
601 Astro Tutor TV [N 2] [N 4] In-house educational channel for UPSR students
610 Astro TVIQ In-house educational channel
611 Astro Ceria [N 2] [N 4] In-house Malay children's channel
701 AXN English entertainment channel
702 Diva Universal English entertainment and movie channel
703 Asian Food Channel [N 4] Regional food channel
705 Astro Hitz [N 4] In-house Malaysian interactive music channel
706 Astro Lifestyle HD [N 2] In-house lifestyle channel which airs programmes from Food Network Asia HD food and cooking channel in HD from 9am-9pm daily and at primetime 9pm onwards, the channel will broadcast shows from Life Inspired
707 TLC Travel and leisure channel
708 8TV Commercial terrestrial channel (not available in Brunei Darussalam)
720 AXN Beyond HD [N 2] English entertainment channel in HD
721 AXN HD A simulcast of channel 701 in HD
726 FX HD Entertainment channel in HD
735 Granada TV [N 2] U.K. based English channel
801 Astro Arena In-house local sports channe

Channel Name Description
551 Discovery Channel [N 4] Documentaries on science, technology and history
553 National Geographic Channel Factual programming involving nature, science, culture and history
554 Discovery Science Programs that include all aspects of science
555 History [N 4] Documentaries on historical events and figures
556 Animal Planet Documentaries mainly on animals and wildlife
573 National Geographic Channel HD Documentaries on wildlife, nature & science in HD
575 History HD Selected documentaries on world history and culture in HD

Sports Package
Channel Name Description
811 Astro SuperSport In-house sports channel 1
812 ESPN HK based sports channel
813 STAR Sports HK based sports channel
814 Eurosport European sports channel
815 The Golf Channel International golf channel
816 Astro SuperSport 2 In-house sports channel 2
817 Astro SuperSport 3 In-house sports channel 3
818 ESPNews Sports news channel
830 Astro SuperSport 3D In-house sports channel in 3D for viewers with HD 3D TV sets
831 Astro SuperSport HD In-house sports channel in HD
832 ESPN HD Selected HD and/or upscaled to HD sports matches